Customer Analyst- Rail Timetabling


Sydney, NSW

Posted 1/15/2020

Due to an increasing strain and demand on Sydney's rail network due to increased patronage, massive investment is being spent to allow for extra capacity. Therefore, working on behalf or a leading engineering consultancy we have been asked to source a number of key Customer Analyst roles that will play a key part in analysing future customer demand and design rail timetables that will meet customer requirements. The primary purpose of the Customer Analyst role is to provide and present analysis of current and future customer demand to inform the design of rail timetable design specification and rail service planning and its communication. This includes the comparison of service plan and timetable statistics as well as the ability to communicate detailed statistic and data across varying mediums to varying levels of management. The Customer Analyst will be customer centric and develop customer requirements for rail timetable change based on clear evidence and insights. The Customer analyst will be responsible for the following:

  • comprehensive analysis of current and future demand to identify trends and capacity issues;
  • processing and analysing large data sets to draw out customer insights from current and future data sources;
  • reviewing concept rail timetables with a customer lens, looking for potential customer related issues, interchange, hotspots, concerns and provide evidence if modifications are required;
  • quantifying and qualifying impacts using new data sources and building appropriate tools, spreadsheets or models to analyse the data;
  • building innovative tools through the use of programming (e.g. SQL, Python, R) to report network wide impacts to sell the timetable product changes and inform stakeholders;
  • developing criteria to analyse different service plan options during a timetable concept process;
  • developing an evaluation framework from a customer outcome perspective;
  • being responsive to new ad hoc requests for information where tools have not yet been built to answer;
  • thinking outside the box and considering how the analysis will be conducted and presented;
  • surveying and researching design to gather intelligence on customer requirements;
  • preparing station impact documents for varying stakeholders;
  • analysing ad hoc customer impacts where stops are removed/added for rail services and to determine the overall impact of the change - from an individual and also a network wide perspective;
  • being innovative and challenging the norm;
  • collaborating with other teams, divisions and areas within the client organisation (i.e. Customer, Technology and Services) to gather and interpret data; and
  • preparing easily understood briefing material, papers and presentations to effectively communicate technical data and timetable changes.
Several positions are on offer which provide longevity and a competitive rate. The opportunity is also there to convert to a permanent position. Candidates only with relevant experience in this specific area and Australian work rights will be considered for this highly specialised role. Skills rail timetabling, planning Qualification Degree Education Bachelor Degree

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